Catherine Green and Brendon Workman

This week we feature two pieces from the Middle School.  Ms. Crawford recently recruited two of her students to add a little creativity to her shelves.  Here are the results!

Featured Piece 1


From the Artist

My design consists of random shapes and lines.  I think art is fun and you can express yourself with it.  I also like music and volleyball.

Catherine Green – 8th Grade

Featured Piece 2


From the Artist

My design is a random collection of things I like.  To me art is something where I can go to express my life.  I also enjoy music and sports.

Brendon Workman – 8th Grade

Photos by Gideon Kerber – 6th Grade

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David Richard-Vance Hohulin

Featured Piece

Halo Spartan

From the Artist

It is made out of a wood frame, newspaper, and paper mache. I painted over it to show the detail, and it took a very long time to make it. I made it because I love video games and it is a character from the game Halo.

I plan to go to college and study either graphic design or video game design. I like art because it is a way to express yourself without just telling someone how you feel. I enjoy playing video games, but I also like sports and food.

David Richard-Vance Hohulin, Senior

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Rachel Zheng

Featured Piece

Tall Sitting Cat

From the Artist

I used colorful patterns on my cat.  I also used three colors again and again for the background.

I want to be an artist when I grow up.  Something I like about art is using oil pastel.  I also enjoy going to Girl Scouts with my friends.

-Rachel Zheng, 3rd Grade

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Valerie Mouser

Featured Piece

“I Am The Master of My Fate. I Am The Captain of My Soul.”

From the Artist

I like to give my artwork meaning.  In this portrait, the young woman has passion and elegance which intertwine with her ethnic poise.

I want to work in Deaf Education, ultimately joining the Peace Corps.  Art is expressive, and makes me think; to actually sit down and have a meaningful thought process about what I want the audience to feel when they look at my art is what i like the most.

-Valerie Mouser, Senior

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Cardboard Assemblage Structure

For this special exhibit, students transformed a flat two-dimensional piece of cardboard into a three-dimensional assemblage sculpture. Students chose a theme or a single shape to display throughout their piece.

This was the first studio piece for the semester long Sculpture class.  All students were very successful in createing a unique piece that met all of the requirements.

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Abstract Flower

Elementary School
Isabelle Eichelberger
Age: 7
Grade: 1

About the Piece

I thought the flowers look pretty with all the colors on them.

About Me

I want to be a teacher when I grow up.  I like Art because I like to draw different things.

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